4 Reasons To Buy A Baby Monitor

4 Reasons To Buy A Baby Monitor

Having a baby is quite possibly one of the most daunting yet exciting time of one’s life. Aside from preparing yourself mentally, you will also have to prepare your home for the new arrival. You will find that the shopping list for your baby is almost inexhaustible, from diapers to clothes to other essentials such as baby nail clippers, oils, cots and other baby related products such as a breast pump, sterilizer or a baby monitor – which is much more important than you think, especially if you value your personal space.

Keep your personal space personal

Certain parenting books suggest that you shouldn’t keep your baby in your room because they become reliant on the parent (or parents) to soothe them which isn’t ideal when you’re planning to get them to sleep through the night. Furthermore, having a baby often means that you lose your own personal space because you have a little one that’s virtually joined to you. Babies are vulnerable, hapless little things that require constant care but you need to take care of your peace of mind and when they are down for a nap, it’s the perfect opportunity for you to rejuvenate yourself. You will be able to relax in peace, knowing that you will be notified immediately if he or she wakes up and requires your attention.

Keeping an eye on them

While your children are young, you can use it to monitor how long it takes for them to go to sleep and you will be able to check up on them without having to enter the room and risk waking them up. When they get older, they will most likely move around, which puts them at risk of hurting themselves. Several videos on the internet show how furniture when not properly fixed to the wall, might fall and hurt little children especially when they climb on it. There are also videos that depict toddlers climbing out of their cribs to play with one another late at night – while this isn’t particularly dangerous, it might be a heartwarming little video you can keep for them to watch when they are older. But having the ability to see what they are up to from the comfort of your bed, or from the kitchen, might prove useful, especially if you are a stay-at-home mom with no helpers.

Waking deep sleepers

While you might be confident that you will hear your child the moment they stir, the truth is that you will get so tired that you might become dead to the world and miss out on their cries of hunger in the night. Having a baby monitor will help you stay on top of things and make sure that no cry goes (accidentally) unheeded.

It’s portable entertainment

Everybody finds their babies addictive and adorable. When you have a baby monitor, you will able to hear every exhale, every squeak and sneeze. It will provide you with some comic relief when you hear your own baby let one rip while he’s fast asleep.