A Complete Guide to Visit Legoland

A Complete Guide to Visit Legoland

Legoland is usually open every day of the week, except most Wednesdays and occasional Thursdays. The hours will vary by day and season, so you’ll want to check their site before going to confirm their time.

In general, this theme park is open from 10:00 am-5:00 pm. On Fridays and Saturdays, Legoland will most probably for extended hours, until 7:00 pm or 8:00 pm depending on seasons.

Legoland is the name of a chain of theme parks with a Lego theme. Contrary to what some believe, these parks are not 100% owned by the Lego Group but managed by Merlin Entertainment, a British company. The park has three locations in the US, one in Germany, one in Denmark and another in the UK.

Below are the latest Legoland ticket prices 2022.


Day Tickets

Children ages 2 and under are FREE


Child (Ages 3-12) (Legoland Only) $94.99
Adult (Ages 13+) (Legoland Only) $100.99

1-Day SEA LIFE Hopper

Child (Ages 3-12) (Legoland + Sea Life) $114.99
Adult (Ages 13+) (Legoland + Sea Life) $120.00

1-Day WATER PARK Hopper

12-Month Admission, Hotel Discounts, And more!
Child (Ages 3-12) (Legoland + Water Park) $119.99
Adult (Ages 13+) (Legoland + Water Park) $125.99

1-Day SEA LIFE Aquarium

2-Day Hopper Tickets, FREE Breakfast, Special Welcome Gift for the kids, Advanced reservations required for all guests
Child (Ages 3-12) (Sea Life Only) $25.00
Adult (Ages 13+) (Sea Life Only) $25.00

Annual Pass

LEGOLAND Silver Annual Pass

LEGOLAND California Only
Individual (3+ Years) (Silver) $179.99

LEGOLAND Platinum Annual Pass

Individual (3+ Years) (Platinum) $239.99

LEGOLAND Elite Annual Pass

Individual (3+ Years) (Elite) $299.99

Legoland Ticket Prices
If you’re planning on just going to Legoland, you’ll pay RM149 for children and RM189 for adults.

I’d suggest buying the 1-day double-park ticket if you’re trying to get the full experience with your kids. This costs RM200 for children and RM249 for adults. It gives you usage of both the Legoland theme park and SEA LIFE.

And if you’re really ambitious, there’s the 1-day triple-park ticket. This costs RM259 for children and RM313 for adults. For 1 day, you can visit the theme park, SEA LIFE, and the water park.

If you’re lucky enough to stay in the neighborhood area, or you’re planning on visiting Legoland a lot, there’s also the annual pass. The costs are the following for children and adults:

● Single-park pass: RM238 / RM278

● Double-park pass: RM289 / RM338

● Triple-park pass: RM348 / RM402

Online Ticket Purchases
If you want to plan ahead, it’s always smart to prepurchase your tickets so all you’ll want to do is present them when you will get to the theme park.

Once you’ve got all the details down, you’re probably wondering how to make the most of your day at Legoland. We’ll explain to you our favorite places to visit here…

Lego City
Dad and daughter boating in Lego City
One of the best parts of Legoland is Lego City. Basically, take everything in the real world, transform them into Legos, and you’ll receive Lego City!

Attractions in this area include:

● Driving School

● Lego City Airport

● Legoland Express

● Lego Frontliners Mural Display

● Boating School

● Lego City Stage

● Duplo Express

● Junior Driving School

● Rescue Academy

● The Shipyard

From zipping around in Lego boats and riding in Lego trains and cars, to “flying” in planes, your loved ones will relish Lego on water, land, and the air. There are also attractions for younger children (such as Duplo Express and Junior Driving School), so they don’t really have to feel ignored when their older siblings continue many of these rides.

Dragon rollercoaster at Legoland
If you’ve got a family group of daredevils, then be certain to experience the rollercoasters at Legoland. They include:

● Dino Island

● The Great Lego Race (VR)

● Technic Twister

● Dragon’s Apprentice

● The Dragon

Lego Mindstorms
Kids at a Lego Mindstorms session
Kids are sure to have a great deal of fun at Lego Mindstorms. This is where they get to work with Lego Technic and create robots using their imaginations.

These workshops can be a nice way to rest your feet while your children play with Legos and make some new friends.

Your family will surely have a blast considering all the Miniland displays – incredibly detailed Lego versions of some of the world’s wonders. You’ll get to take a trip round the world without even leaving the park! The countries and cities on display include:

● Brunei

● Kampung

● Putrajaya

● Vietnam

● Port Tanjung Pelepas

● Cambodia

● Thailand

● Johor Bahru

● Singapore

● India

● Myanmar

● China

● Laos

● Kuala Lumpur

● Indonesia

● Philippines

Bonus: there’s also a Miniland Pirate, which is ideal for kids who are enthusiastic about pirates and treasure!

There comes a time when your family will inevitably be hungry. It’s worth researching your alternatives first so you know where to go when you need to rest and refuel.

If you want your family to still eat healthy while at Legoland, you can either go directly to the Cafe, King’s Grill, Market Restaurant, Fire Rescue Bistro, Asian Deli, Beach Grill, or Brick Café. Otherwise, you can treat everyone at Burger Junction or Pizza Mania.

For a quick snack, you can go to Snack Corner.

Legoland Water Park
Kids having fun at the Legoland water park
If you’re visiting Legoland on a hot day, then it could be worth visiting the water park. The fun attractions and cool water will definitely maintain the kids entertained.

Some attractions you can’t miss here are:

● Joker Soaker

● Lego Wave Pool

● Duplo Splash Safari

● Build-A-Boat

● Brick Blaster

● Build-A-Raft River

● Red Rush

● Lego Slide Racers

● Splash & Swirl

● Imagination Station

● Twin Chaser

● Tidal Tube

● Wave Rider

● Splash Out

Many of these aren’t for the faint of heart, so ensure that your kids really know what they’re stepping into!

Mom and child within an underwater tunnel
SEA LIFE is a great place to bring your children to learn all about marine life – little ones will love hearing the educational talks and looking at all the ocean creatures here. You need to understand that strollers aren’t allowed here, so if you’ve got babies toddlers, you may want another in a few years.

As your day draws to an in depth, don’t forget to browse the shops at Legoland. You are allowed to pick up some cute souvenirs that your children will remember. You can go to:

● The Big Shop

● Sensei’s Shop

● The Brick Shop

● Adventurer’s Depot

● Surf Shop

● King’s Market

● Stage Shop

● Driving School Shop