The Impact Of Ballet On The World

The Impact Of Ballet On The World

Our minds usually conjure up images of ballerinas in their beautiful costumes making graceful jumps on stage when we think about ballet. It is certainly a gorgeous art form that is at hand for us to appreciate in this day and age.

However, while observing ballet performances either on a life stage or on television, have we ever before stopped to think about the history and also the influence that this dance form has had on our world?

Historical origin

Ever since its introduction in Renaissance Italy, ballet has dazzled the minds of its audiences. What started as court pageantry (court entertainment amid festivals) promptly turned into an art form that enchanted nations. The early style of ballet spread out from Italy and into France and thereafter to other parts of Europe, Russia, the United States as well as other parts of the globe. Ballet slowly took the world by storm and also turned into the famous dance style we know today.

Influenced cultural movements

In 17th century France, King Louis XIV developed the very initial specialist Ballet Academy in Paris. The academy would execute dances based upon Greek and Roman mythology for the Parisian upper class’s pleasure.

As ballet continued to expand to overseas locations such as Russia, performances started to delve into stories that illustrated stories of the common lives of the community. Ballet ended up being a form of expression representing the experiences as well as emotions of day-to-day life in the 18th century.

The Ballerina

A symbol that arised from the globe of ballet is the Ballerina. The Enchanting Movement during the 19th century was a protest against the growth of industrialisation. This was when ballet productions started to delve into fairy tales which depicted the ballerina as an ethereal character and cementing them as an icon of ballet. Viewers accepted this brand-new icon and also the productions that came with it as a form of escapism.

World Famous Plays

Productions such as the ‘The Nutcracker’ as well as ‘Swan Lake’ transpired when ballet acquired popularity in Russia. These productions have since transcended time and have currently come to be household names. ‘The Nutcracker’ is a favourite during Christmas season as well as has actually been adapted into films and also tv programs. The same can be said for ‘Swan Lake’ which was the main source material for the motion picture entitled ‘Black Swan’ in 2010. Black Swan starred Natalie Portman who depicts the role of the ‘Swan Queen’ in the motion picture.

The Greatness of Ballet

Throughout the centuries, ballet has securely established its place in history and presently as a cultural movement that continues to adapt, develop and improve with time.

The greatness of ballet emerges from various aspects that have unfolded with time. That includes its historical origins, the cultural movements that the dance form is continuing to bring about and the individuals that ballet has inspired to reach for the stars.

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